The pedagogical workshops are a sample of the experiences, reflections and exchanges that take place in our classrooms. The topics revolve around the theme of RIDEF Oaxaca 2024 "The genesis of critical thinking and resistance in teacher training". RIDEF attendees can be actively involved in the workshops as workshop participants or as workshop participants.

Talleres RIDEF
Suecia, 2018

Apply for your workshop

Registration will be open from March 3 to May 31.

Apply for your workshop

The person responsible for the workshop designs, systematizes and coordinates the proposal.

There are two ways to apply for the workshops:

  • short workshop mode: addresses a specific topic that can be worked on in a period of 2 hours. A short two-hour workshop can also be proposed, which would cover four hours. These workshops are held on a single day.
  • long workshop mode: are comprehensive proposals that are addressed over several days. One 2-hour session, three 4-hour sessions and one 1 1/2-hour session – Total 15 1/2 hours. For 4-hour sessions, a 20-minute break should be provided. On the penultimate day of the RIDEF there will be a presentation of the works and reflections of this modality.
In both modalities should prioritize and favor the exchange among all participants, using different forms of communication. They have to consider to a greater or lesser extent the issue of RIDEF.

*Workshops will be accepted subject to space availability and depending on confirmation of attendance through registration. In the case of long workshops, preference will be given to those that have the support of a Pedagogical Movement.

Registration for short workshops

Registration for long workshops

Participate in a workshop

Those interested in participating in a workshop will register during the months of May and June.

*Workshops will be limited to a limited number of participants.

Participate in a workshop

Registration is open for participants from June 10 through July 19.

Important! Important!

Before making your payment, please wait for instructions from the registration committee.

Before making your payment, please wait for instructions from the registration committee.

Before making your payment, please follow the instructions of the registration committee.